"Rhonda was amazing! I came to her for guidance on my diet and to learn exercises (I was prepping for my wedding). Rhonda was personal, professional, and very dedicated to help me reach my goal (I've lost 20lbs in a few months while going to her for my workout sessions!). She guided me throughout the exercises and educated me the foods of what and what not to eat. I loved how she listened to my concerns and guided me from start to finish. Her personality is easy going, friendly and she has a great sense of humor--it made my workout sessions more fun and less stressful. Thank you Rhonda! I'll definitely be returning to you more!
Cindy Bundy, Clinical/Medical Assistant

”I started working in January with Rhonda weighing 220 pounds, with very low energy and high blood pressure.  After working out for serveral months, 3 times per week, on June 1st I weigh 202 pounds, I no longer have high blood pressure, and most importantly I have much more energy.  Rhonda is very motivatin. Her workouts can be challenging but fun at the same time."
John Spalding, Storekeeper at United

“When I started with Rhonda 2 years ago I was given a free session as an introduction to training. And what a gift that was! Having been a gym member for mulitiple years and having several trainers, Rhonda is the only one I've stayed with and worked with consistently. Why? She's not only knowledgeable about the female's body's need to be strong and fit she changes up the routine every week so I'm never bored and constantly challenged.  And most importantly her sense of humor keeps me smiling throughout the workout.  It doesn't get any better than that!”​
Susan E. James, PhD, LMFT, Counselor and Psychotherapist

“Rhonda is a pro's pro.  She has the unique ability to aspire and bring out the best with her trainings.  Rhonda really gets a feel of her clients' needs and is able to maximize a workout to meet their needs.  I train all the time independentlt but went to Rhonda for some extra guidance and her motivation inspired me to push myself harder and the results were very beneficial.  Thank you Rhonda!”​
Alex Cooke, World Cup Soccer Camps and Clinics Director, Carlmont High School Varsity Soccer Coach

“Rhonda Rocks!  She challenges my 65 year old body in a fun yet vigorous way.  Rhonda listens to your objectives  and customizes training sessions  to help achieve your goals.  Each training session is different; this diversity keeps workouts with Rhonda interesting.  Her focus of proper alignment during the workout has helped me avoid injuries and  muscle strains.  Her sense of humor adds laughter and levity which makes each session a pleasure instead of a boring workout."
Kathy Powers, Retired Attorney, Mother and Grandmother

"I had the good fortune of having Rhonda design a custom workout program for me at a local health club.  She is very professional, dedicated, and has a sense of humor that helps to make each workout enjoyable. I like to mix group exercise (spinning, water aerobics, yoga) with the weight training and cardio exercises that Rhonda suggested. I have not missed a day of exercise in 47 days (and counting). In that time, I’ve lost 12 pounds, a bunch of body fat, and my blood pressure is down considerably.  Rhonda is a great motivator!"
Mark Boscocci, Video Productions

“I have known Rhonda for several years and started working out with her for the past 6 months. I have never been a person who enjoys working out, however with Rhonda as my personal fitness trainer she makes each workout fun and the time flies by.  Rhonda is a fantastic trainer and motivator; she knows exactly what it takes to get you fit and is extremely encouraging.  Since I’ve been with Rhonda I can see a great improvement in my energy level, my clothes fit better and overall my body is getting into the best shape it’s been in for years. I have lost pounds and, many many inches thanks to Rhonda and I can’t wait to continue on with her workouts!”  Thank you Rhonda-You are the BEST!”
Corinna Alandt, Mother of 2, Visa Employee